Meet our Leaders

Emily Nickel
Director of Reclamation Ministry

Emily is a wife, mother (to a son, a dog, and a lot of houseplants), teacher, reader, writer, thrifter, runner, friend. Emily is passionate about inviting other women into honoring their stories, believing that we can sit with the chapters that have been marked with harm and pain, and we can continue to write new chapters with honesty and beauty and hope.                              

Amber Molnar
Communications Director of Reclamation Ministry

Amber is a wife and dog mom to two Cockapoos (Bentley and Tucker). She and her husband Matt love to travel and actively explore the outdoors. In addition to her love of experiencing new places, Amber loves taking care of her plants, boxing at Title and reading a good mystery. Amber is passionate about providing women with a safe and comfortable space to share their stories.

Trish Drummond
Reclamation Ministry Leader

Trish is a wife a mother and a grandmother. She loves animals and travel. Trish has a heart for serving women.      

Brooke Drummond
Reclamation Ministry Leader

Brooke is a soon to be wife, recreational therapist, aunt, nanny, cook and family person. Brooke loves to listen to people with an open mind, open heart and empathize with others. Brooke is very passionate about serving, caring for and helping others with where their needs are currently at or just to do so. Brooke can’t wait to be apart of the amazing healing God is going to do to and through others on this journey!

DeLee Cooper 
Reclamation Ministry Leader

DeLee is a (formerly) shy person with a theatre degree. She loves spending time with her rescue cat, Cerridwen, traveling, coffee, stories, and dancing. She is honored to be part of this community.

Nicole Merlino
Reclamation Ministry Leader

Nicole is a photographer, videographer, podcast host and writer. Nicole is passionate about encouraging others to embrace their stories, while being vulnerable so people know they are not alone in their journeys. 

Julia LoPresti 
Reclamation Ministry Leader

Julia is a wife, orthopedic surgery physician assistant, aspiring plant mom, amateur yogi, and ‘90s rom-com aficionado. Julia is a true enneagram eight striving to live with both strength and gentleness. Julia is passionate about supporting and walking alongside others on the journey to wholeness and shalom. 

Alyson Pekkola 
Reclamation Ministry Leader

Aly is a patient and understanding friend who loves to listen and encourage others exactly where they are in their life journey. Some fun activities she enjoys include figure skating, coaching, traveling, going to coffee shops, and trying new things. One of Aly’s favorite quotes is from the movie, We Bought a Zoo and it says, “Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage. Just literally 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery, and I promise you something great will come of it.” Aly is grateful you are here and is ready to walk alongside you on this path toward healing.

Ana Hopkins 
Reclamation Ministry Leader

Ana is a wife, mother (to 4 beautiful children and a dog), teacher, piano player, explorer, reader. Ana is passionate about walking alongside people in all journeys of life and is excited to be a part of Reclamation ministry!