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Spring 2023 Session

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Formal meetings will take place bi-weekly in addition to two holistic offerings between March 7-May 30th.

What Reclamation ISN’T: What Reclamation IS:
TherapyA space to pursue healing
Trauma-bondingA space to unpack trauma
A strict commitment for
A free space to enter into willingly
A place to offer platitudesA space to listen intentionally
A place to talkA space to really speak
ChurchA space where God is welcomed
A linear processA space to journey towards shalom
SeminarsA space to grapple with our stories
A stage for performanceA safe space for vulnerability
A platform for comparisonA space to honor any story set east of Eden
A church
community group
An intentional space for women of any background looking for healing and clarity with her story’s chapters concerning sexual harm