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  • Courage and the New Season

    Courage and the New Season

    Back-to-school is here along with about a thousand things we are realizing have been added to our to-do-lists. It would be nice if this time of transition was paired with a nice montage drenched in a soft filter. Look at her: she’s powered by that PSL and so at peace with her many, daily responsibilities AND the passage of time. Or maybe it’s closer to the truth that you’re experiencing the “Sunday Scaries” to the second power. You know time is moving, but you’re caught somewhere in the past– you sure as heck don’t know how to be here for the “present”.

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  • A note from Emily

    A note from Emily

    “They” may say it could have been worse. To that, I have to say we don’t play that game. Whatever harm and pain you have experienced, it wasn’t the design for goodness and connection intended for our flourishing in the garden of Eden. I have a friend who says that anything that is not Eden has to be named. It has to be grieved, friend.

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  • The Power of a Good Title

    The Power of a Good Title

    Names and titles? They are powerful.  We think of these words primarily as  nouns, but we don’t always think about the verb— the action. The act of naming. The power of entitling.  Even more infrequent though is our practice of actually naming or attempting to give a title to the season that we are in within our lives.

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  • Dead Hydrangeas and Holy Naps

    Dead Hydrangeas and Holy Naps

    Healing is work. So many of us want to believe that we are so far from where we were when our wounds were fresh and our lives shattered. In so many ways, friends, they are. But we can’t hustle our way to wholeness. We can listen to all the podcasts, read all the books, repeat all the mantras, but what we actually might need at times is not checking off another item on the to-do list or slaying the next fitness challenge. It might actually be taking a nap.

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