Reclamation is a Cleveland based ministry for women that meets biweekly and in person over the course of 90 days.

Our Vision

Reclamation is a space for all women to take their next step towards healing and wholeness.

Our Mission

A cultivated space for women who have experienced sexual harm, harassment, and abuse to be seen with dignity and reverence through the empowering practice of reclaiming our stories in community.

A note from Emily

Dear Friend,

I’m not entirely sure where you are in your healing journey. I’m not sure if anything feels different for your soul, your heart– your body. I’m not sure if you’re even ready to say that you’re on any type of journey. 

“They” may say it could have been worse. To that, I have to say we don’t play that game. Whatever harm and pain you have experienced, it wasn’t the design for goodness and connection intended for our flourishing in the garden of Eden. I have a friend who says that anything that is not Eden has to be named.

It has to be grieved, friend.